Other Industry / Management Certifications & Six Sigma

An Organisation being ISO / QS / SEI-CMM / COPC, etc, certified would be having its own way of process/business functions in accordance with the norms laid down by the certifying body (as above). However, acquiring these certifications do not ensure business success / profitability, & are usually an outcome of customer & market expectations, & an endeavour by the certified organization to show its commitment towards the same. Such certified organizations can further move up the growth ladder by use of Six Sigma methodology, which directly links the business improvement efforts (achieved through Six Sigma) with business success & emphasis on continual improvement.

Though, Other Certification programs & Six Sigma do not spell out implicit/explicit dependence on each other, a Six Sigma initiative can be started irrespective of other certifications had/acquired by the organization.

  While other certifications are aimed at building internal & external (customer & market) confidence, Six Sigma is aimed at building business success & customer satisfaction.
  While various certifications lay down the norms & guidelines for adherence, & verify compliance with them for certification & continuing requirements, Six Sigma approach & methodology provides the requirements for success aswell as its path/roadmap.
  The various certification approaches help an organization in achieving performance level of 3 & 4 sigma, whereas sigma levels upto & beyond 6 are achievable using the Six Sigma methodology.

In addition to the above, there are other points also. However, the objective of drawing a comparison between Other Certifications & Six Sigma is not to show which is better or superiority/one-upmanship between the two, but to convey the point that successful deployment of Six Sigma in any Process/Business/Organisation improves its functionality (in terms of yield/productivity/performance, quality, defect reduction, customer satisfaction, & continual improvement) many times over, leading to never seen before (business) results & consequent success, in addition to the various achievements to its (Process/Business/Organization) credit vouched for by the other certification(s) had.